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Converge Stories Podcast

Welcome to YWAM Converge where we know that everyone has a calling; following the crowd will not bring transformation, and a personalized missions project is the best way to discover your purpose. Hear testimonies of students, missional leaders, and donors engaged in sending a new generation of missionaries. YWAM Converge is part of Youth With A Mission, an international, multi-denominational movement of people who follow Jesus and want to know God and make him known.

Jun 10, 2019

What kind of leaders did theStudent Volunteer Movement (SVM) produce in the 20th Century? 

I answer that question after looking again at the foundational work done by John Wesley and Jonathan Edwards. Wesley began whittling away at denomination and parish structures. He said, "The world is my parish." He was not necessarily speaking as a missionary, but as an evangelist to the churched people. 

A quick review of the 19th Century, including the Haystack Prayer Meeting, the Cambridge Seven, the Meeting of Ten Nations, and the birth of the Student Volunteer Movement, and the explosive growth of that missionary movement. Then we take some time to review the lives of the major leaders that came out of the SVM. 

We first look at John Mott, first chairman of the SVM. We look closely at the first World Missionary Conference, held in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1910. Mott chaired that event and two important, though muted voices, at that conference, are of importance to us today. 

We examine the life and work of Robert Speer, Kenneth Scott Latourette, Robert Moffet, Samuel Zwemer, Frank Buckman, and James Yen. All of these leaders changed history. All volunteered their lives to Christ's mission during their college years.