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Converge Stories Podcast

Welcome to YWAM Converge where we know that everyone has a calling; following the crowd will not bring transformation, and a personalized missions project is the best way to discover your purpose. Hear testimonies of students, missional leaders, and donors engaged in sending a new generation of missionaries. YWAM Converge is part of Youth With A Mission, an international, multi-denominational movement of people who follow Jesus and want to know God and make him known.

Jun 24, 2019

I have some sad news. Yesterday morning I received a call from my bother in law, Rick Allegretto. He told me Ed Sinke died in his sleep Saturday night. Ed Sinke was a member of our YWAM Converge board, a contributor to the podcast, and a YWAMer I have known for almost 34 years. For those who knew Ed, you understand the depth of our loss.

Ed is one of our dearest and oldest friends. He was my mentor since both Mary and I did our YWAM Discipleship Training School in Hammonton, NJ in 1985. He and I spent an hour or so on the phone nearly every Friday morning for several years. My wife, Mary, often listened in. We prayed for one another again this past Friday. There was no reason to believe that would be our last prayer time together.

Ed was more than a mentor; he was a pastor. He understood that “pastor” is a verb. I was not the only one Ed mentored regularly. God graced Ed with a listening ear, and a passion for spiritual growth in others. He loved teaching and spending time with emerging leaders.

Ed believed in God’s plan for Converge. He prayed with me for YWAM’s Converge program to unleash a wider, deeper, and more passionate generation of student volunteers for world missions.

In this episode, we are giving a tribute to the legacy of Ed Sinke. The Converge program has an important feature requiring students to choose their own mentor from their own community BEFORE they begin the online Converge Course. Mentorships with Converge have these six features:

1. Shared Mission;

2. Defined Commitment;

3. Productive Connections;

4. Trusting Relationship;

5. Empowering Opportunity;

6. Time to Review and Renew.

Ed helped shape this unique commitment to Mentorships in the Converge program. His legacy will be the growth that happens in the lives of Converge interns worldwide.

Ed made pastoral care his primary ministry activity. But for him it was more than a ministry; it was his joy to pour God’s gifts into others. He lived with an expectation that God will complete the work he began in you. That’s how he prayed, every time. He went home to be with Jesus, I believe, because God completed the work He began in him.

Ed had health issues, but he was making serious healthy choices. I can’t express how sorry I am for his wife Julie’s loss. They have a beautiful family; all of their grown children have a passion for Jesus.

I will miss my friend and mentor, Ed Sinke. I will miss my most passionate prayer partner. But I know he’s with our dearest friend who sticks closer than a brother, Jesus Christ.

Most of this episode is a replay of a previous conversation I had with Ed about Mentoring. 

Please pray for Julie and her family.