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Converge Stories podcast

Nov 12, 2018

Dr. Moses Kharat shares his converge story toward salvation and becoming a healer for villagers in India on this episode of the Converge Stories Podcast. 

In September 2010, inspired by the success of the Jamkhed model for rural transformation in India, Dr Moses Kharat decided to return to his native town of Buldana to dedicate his energies to working with the rural poor.

The project eventually became known as the Community Based Health Project (CBHP). While the project is still is in its infancy, it currently operates in eight project villages.

CBHP focuses on training and empowering Village Health Workers (VHWs) as the main agents of change in their villages, while supporting them with Mobile Health Teams (MHTs) and referral clinics. The long-term goal is to see villagers fully empowered to take ownership of their health to overcome health inequity.

Moses is a host for Converge internship opportunities. Apply to serve the Community Based Health Care internship project at