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Converge Stories podcast

Nov 5, 2018

Our discussion this episode is about the love of God. To do that we also talked about the cost of sin. 

Some of our discussion was about his first book, RANSOM: The High Cost of Sin.

Dean Harvey has been teaching in Youth With A Mission schools for 44 years. His daughter introduced him to YWAM and he later joined her as a YWAMer. Dean taught in John Henry's Discipleship Training School in 1985.  

We talk on the Converge Stories podcast about the moment when...everything changes. That Converge moment, when everything comes together. It's about that moment when your story is aligned with God’s call. 

Dean tells his converge story when his son tragically died in a car accident. The pain of that loss brought Dean to a revelation of the love of God and of God's broken heart. 

Dean admonishes us to live each day to bring joy, and not grief, to the heart of God, who loves us and gave Himself for a sin-offering.