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Converge Stories podcast

Jan 28, 2019

Our guest for this episode is Ned Hale, National Archivist at InterVarsity in Madison, WI. Ned is a friend and former student missions worker on the University of Wisconsin campus in Madison.

Ned is the former director of Intervarsity Christian Fellowship's International Student Ministries. This conversation with Ned...

Jan 18, 2019

Mauricio and Diana are YWAM missionaries to the universities in South America. Mao directs YWAM's Student Mobilization Centre offices in Cartagena, Colombia. He and Diana have been married for six years and they are expecting their first baby "any minute" (as of the time of this podcast episode recording). I met Mao...

Jan 14, 2019

Andy Henry is a young pastor and filmmaker. He recently started Declaration Films. This March 2019, Andy and his wife Robin will go to South Africa to create films to tell missionary stories. Learn more about Declaration Films and Andy and Robin's trip to

Jan 7, 2019

Lova is a YWAM Campus Ministries leader in Madagascar. He and a team of eight Malagasy YWAMers went to South Korea for our School of University Ministries & Missions. Since then, those eight leaders have take leadership of six YWAM ministries in four cities, emphasizing university ministries. Lova and his team are...